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Vaccination Services

We are experienced vaccinators and have been providing this service to our customers since 2012. We provide the following vaccines subject to availability. Please fill out the form below and we will phone you to make an appointment:

1. Seasonal Flu Vaccine

Costello Pharmacy’s flu vaccination service is available to everyone over 2 years old. A nasal spray is normally given to children under 18 years of age, subject to eligibility and availability. For all other patients it is a quick intramuscular injection in the upper arm.

All our pharmacists administering vaccines have completed comprehensive training and are fully certified to administer the flu vaccine. Administration of the Flu Vaccine is provided free to all Medical Card, Doctor Visit Card & HAA cardholders who belong to one of the at-risk groups listed below.

Who are the at-risk groups?*

Flu vaccination is free to all patients who are at-risk as defined above. Flu vaccination is €30 to all other patients.**
* Eligibility criteria are subject to change by the HSE, ask in store for details.
**Please note that private flu vaccine (i.e. for patients who do not have a risk factor) is in extremely limited supply for the 2020/2021 season due to unprecedented demand. There is no private vaccines currently available, if this changes, we will post further information.

2. Pneumonia vaccine (subject to availability) Seasonal Flu Vaccine

We can provide the Pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (PPV23) subject to suitability and availability of the vaccine. In adults the PPV23 vaccination is recommended for*:
Adults aged 18 years and over with:

Who should NOT get the pneumococcal vaccine?

You should not have the vaccine if you have had an allergic reaction to a previous dose or to any part of the vaccine.You also should not get the vaccine for a second time unless certain circumstances mean you need it again.
I think I’ve had the vaccine before, do I need another one?
Most people will only need this vaccine once. However, re-vaccination is recommended for some people and this will depend on your age and if you have any risk factors. Ask your pharmacist to check if you are recommended to get the pneumococcal vaccine. To ensure the vaccine is suitable for you at this time we will need to confirm your pneumococcal vaccine history with your doctor.
How do I avail of the vaccination service?
To avail of the vaccination service, simply phone or call in to our pharmacy and a member of the pharmacy team will check your eligibility and arrange an appointment for a time that is convenient for you.
The cost of this service is €40.*** Vaccination service subject to availability of the vaccine. Eligibility criteria applies.

3. Shingles vaccine

Herpes Zoster, or Shingles, is caused by the reactivation of the same virus that causes chicken pox. This happens because your immunity to the virus decreases with age or due to medication, medical conditions or if you are immunocompromised. It can occur at any age but predominantly affects older patients.

The greatest complication is developing extremely painful nerve pain, post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN) which can affect the patient for prolonged periods. The lesions can also become infected and sometimes the virus can spread and cause complications to the eye.

The only herpes zoster vaccine currently available in Ireland is Zostavax®. It is indicated for the prevention of herpes zoster and herpes zoster-related post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN) in patients aged 50 years old and over.
The vaccine may be given to patients who have had herpes zoster previously, although it is recommended to postpone vaccination by a year after the infection has resolved. This is to ensure that a more effective immune response is achieved.

The herpes zoster vaccine is currently not provided as part of the National Immunisation Programme in Ireland but can be provided through a private service to eligible patients. Please enquire as to whether you are eligible for this service and to discuss the service charge.

Please phone to discuss the service charge. Vaccination service subject to availability of the vaccine. Eligibility criteria applies.

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