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Rubex 8 Hour Sustained Energy Tablets

Rubex 8 Hour Sustained Energy is a patented slow-release formula of Vitamins, Minerals and Amino-Acids to combat fatigue and help you function at your optimum throughout the day.
Easy to swallow, reflux friendly, suitable for use in Pregnancy, sugar free & preservative free

Active Ingredients:
Vitamins – Vit C 160mg, Vit B3 48mg, Vit E 15mg, Vit B5 18mg, Vit B6 4.2mg, Vit B2 4.2mg, Vit B1 3.3mg, Vit A 800mcg, Vit B12 3mcg, Vit D3 5mcg, Vit B9 400mcg, Vit H 150mcg
Minerals – Mg 56.25mg, Fe 14mg, Se 55mcg, Zn 10mg, Mn 2mg, Cu 1mg, Cr 40mcg, Mo 50mcg
Amino Acids – L-Leucine 19.5mg, L-Lysine 15mg, L-Isoleucine 11.5mg, L-Valine 10.5mg, L-Phenylalanine 10mg, L-Tyrosine 9.5mg, L-Cysteine 6.3mg, L-Threonine 8.5mg, L-Histidine 6mg, L-Methionine 3.2mg

Directions for use:
Adults and Children 8 years and older: Take 1 tablet per day, to be swallowed during or shortly after a meal

Pack Size: 30