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Otrivine Extra Dual Relief Nasal Spray

For relief from the symptoms of nasal congestion and a runny nose due to colds. Each application delivers a measured dose which works within minutes to clear a blocked nose and helps stop excessive nasal secretions for up to six hours. Reduces swollen blood vessels to their normal size

Active Ingredient: 1 ml contains xylometazoline hydrochloride 0.5 mg, ipratropium bromide 0.6 mg. 1 puff contains 70 micrograms xylometazoline hydrochloride and 84 micrograms ipratropium bromide. Also contains: Disodium edetate, glycerol (85%), purified water as well as hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide (to adjust pH).

Dosage: Adults over 18 years: One spray dose in each nostril maximum 3 times daily for maximum 7 days. At least 6 hours should elapse between two doses. Not for use in children under the age of 18 years.

Pack Size: 10ml