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Green Policy

At Costello Pharmacy we care about our environment. Not only are we passionate about offering sustainable options to our customers, we have a social responsibility to strive to operate our business in an environmentally responsible and conscientious way so that we can all to do our bit to protect the environment!

Here are some of the positive changes we are making to help improve sustainability, increase recycling and reduce our impact on the environment:

1. Prescription Services: We are excited to be rolling out exciting changes to our dispensing service in 2021. We are always trying to reduce or eliminate the use of single-use plastics from our business and have sourced compostable ziplock pockets, biodegradable dispensing lables, and brown medicine bags made from recycled paper.

2. Packaging: The boxes we use for our orders are all made from sustainable sources and are fully recyclable. You may find some orders placed in reused boxes, particularly if the box is a very large box or contains a heavy order. We realise it can be nice to have a new box arrive for every order, but when appropriate, we will reuse some intact boxes for dispatching orders to customers in an effort to cut down on the number of boxes used. Every box reused before recycling means one less box needing to be produced.

3. Bubble Wrap & Air Pillows: We reuse any bubble wrap and plastic air pillows received in deliveries from our suppliers. We will not purchase these products for use in our delivery service as there are more sustainable options.

4. Cardboard Recycling: All cardboard packaging waste is recycled.

5. Paper Recycling: All paper waste generated in the day to day running of the pharmacy is recycled.

6. We support and work together with Tralee Tidy Towns, Team Bramble & GLAN to support and help develop Tralee as a cleaner, greener, more environmentally sustainable town.